Raw Data :

Raw data are saved in CSV format on the SD card. (compatible with spreadsheet as Excel)

The first part of file is concerned with the input information set up in TypoSoil, the second part contains the raw sensor data and their conversion with physical units. It is easy to plot variables with respect to time.

rawdata 1
rawdata 2
rawdata 3
rawdata 4
rawdata typosync

TypoSync :

TypoSync is a software dedicated to read, import and postprocess TypoSoil data.

The usual soil physical variables (W, V, Ψ, θ respectively water content, specific volume, succion and moisture content) are computed once the field containing the soil weight sample at 105 ° has been completed.

typosync 1
typosync 2
typosync 3

WebService :

Webservice allows to manage soil samples with tags use, data visualisation and computation as filtering or fitting model to data.

webservice 1
webservice 2
webservice 3