We propose to show you in pictures the main using TypoSoil® steps.

Step 1 - Field sampling (undisturbed) or reconstituting in laboratory (disturbed)

Working sample may be undisturbed or disturbed (reconstitute in laboratory)
On field, samples must be picked up with calibrated cylinder.

Step 2 - Rewetting until samples saturation

Rewetting the samples are important to obtain a complete water retention curve. A method for saturating samples by capillary movement of water per ascensum like sandboxes can be used.
Succion table may also be used to rewet a large number of samples with a better control for succion.

Step 3 - Preparation of the TypoSoil® PLC

The control interface is a touch screen with which identifiers, comments and other information can be filled in for each sample and will appear as headers of data files.
The control interface allows to follow the measuring process and report the data in a plot.

Step 4 - Preparation of support and porous cup inserted

The pressure chamber of support must be first filled with degassed water. Then, the ceramic cup, which has been previously saturated, is connected to the support.
The support must be carefully prepared in order to avoid air bubbles in the systems which could affect the measurement.

Step 5 - Launching the plat and beginning the measurement run

Put each support (with its sample) in the right place and turn on the cycle
At each step of rotation, the device measures mass, volume and succion.

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